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About Me.

Security Architect & Manager

I am Gabor Lengyel. I have 10+ years of information and application security experience. I have worked in the telco, banking and software development industry. I helped transform security at companies small and big - or started it from scratch and built it to last. I worked as a software developer and have substantial application security experience. I can make security work with agile, secure development with operations (SecOps, DevSecOps), product management with security. I can help you build secure applications the easiest possible.

See my answers and comments on Stack Overflow to get a sense of what I think about security and secure development.

I am the owner of application security services and remote penetration testing company Prodexity.

Application Security
Information Security
Secure SDLC and Agile
Ruby (on Rails or not)
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Security Consulting

I can help you solve security problems or answer questions with a wide range of experience in many different projects.

Penetration Testing

Do you know whether your applications are vulnerable and what risks they bring around? Do you need a 3rd party report?

SDLC Consulting

How to integrate security with agile, and how to ensure that the software you create is secure in the end.

Secure Development Training

I have trained hundreds of developers on all levels to secure coding practices. I have worked with many languages including C#, PHP and Ruby.

Software Development

I am a developer and the owner of Prodexity Ltd. We can deliver secure, high quality software in budget, on time.

Architecture Review

A secure architecture provides the base to build upon. Get your architecture right, be it an IT system or software architecture, on premise or in the cloud.

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Budapest, Hungary


+36 30 815 4226 (Hungary)